5 Reasons To Get Yourself Into A Co-working Space

BZZZ BZZZ BZZZ sounds the alarm. BZZZ BZZZ BZZZ, I roll over, reach my hand over the side of the bed and pick up the phone to hit snooze. My head lands on the pillow as I force my eyes open.

I’m staring at the crack in the ceiling above my bed as I ruminate over what needs to get done. I can’t help but have a sense of dread as I think over my to do list. I let out a laugh. My friends had told me that “being your own boss will be great, you’ll love it!” It turns out, it’s not so glamorous.

Now, rather than going into the office and catching up on the latest news, I sit at my lonely kitchen table drinking the same coffee I’ve had week after week. I often find myself trying not to have conversations with myself — or my cat.

Before I found my local co-working space, Impact Hub Santa Barbara, this was my reality.

Despite living in a beautiful city along the coast of California, it was surprising how quickly I came to dread working alone in my home. I needed to get out, and Impact Hub was my answer.

After experiencing Impact Hub, I came to realize 5 reasons why everyone who works at home needs to get themselves into a co-working space.

1. I can have a social life again.

I never realized how much those water cooler conversations at my old office meant to me. As much as office life drove me crazy, I was surrounded by interesting people who made the environment bearable.

As soon as I started working for myself I lost those social interactions and immediately felt the impact. I was lonely. I was talking to my cat more than other people. So when I walked through the doors of Impact Hub, I immediately knew my days of being lonely were over. Which brings me to…

2. Networking opportunities galore!

I’ve got far more networking opportunities now than I ever had before. Being surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs, remote workers and freelancers makes me feel ‘normal’. It also pushes me to succeed.

As Jim Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” At a co-working space like Impact Hub, you can be sure your average will increase.

Being surrounded by entrepreneurs also means significantly more exposure for your business. Being in a space surrounded by business owners multiplies your connections. In fact one member of Impact Hub, Anne Ribley said, “This space has had a multiplication effect on my business. Finding a co-working space has been one of the best things to happen to me and my business.”

3. Amazing coffee and other tasty perks.

It may seem trivial but if you’re a coffee drinker you should understand that good coffee makes all the difference. Working from home, I found myself getting sick of my normal drip coffee day after day. Yet, I also didn’t want to spend $5 to get a cappuccino from a local coffee roaster. Nowadays, I have no need for a coffee shop. I have access to Impact Hub.

Along with good coffee, it is also nice to have access to tasty treats and other drink options. Conscious Kombucha and beer from Draughtsman Aleworks are both available on tap. High grade organic tea from around the world is available from Far West Tea Traders. Organic fruit and gluten free pastries can often be found in the kitchen.

4. Getting out of the house.

If you’re like me, I get distracted by all the things I “should” be doing when I am home. Dirty dishes left in the sink or undone laundry can haunt me until it is taken care of. Having the temptation of Netflix a few clicks away can also make focus impossible.

In the past I searched for coffee shops I could escape too. This was always a challenge since most spaces are loud and hard to focus in.

I no longer have the challenge of finding a place I can focus. Now I have a place to go that is designed for people just like me — with good coffee and the community I crave. A co-working space has absolutely led to better productivity.

5. Opportunities for growth.

One of the best advantages of a co-working space are the amazing opportunities for growth. Often special events held in the space are great learning experiences for those of us running our own businesses.

Workshops, mastermind groups, conferences, talks and other growth opportunities are constantly available.

Access to mentors are another significant perk at Impact Hub. Membership provides members with a pool of talented mentors. These mentors push their mentees to do great work by providing advice and accountability.

As I walk into the beautifully designed building, a familiar focused calm descends. I step over to the espresso machine where I make a cappuccino. Soon I find a seat where I set up and get to work.

Nowadays, when I think back to the time I used to work in an office, I no longer miss the water cooler conversations. In fact, I find I am happier than I have ever been before. Being in a space designed for my productivity and enjoyment has made working for myself the dream everyone talks about.