The Impacton Manifesto

Impacton emerged as a response to a very simple question:

what has already been done, out there, that could serve more people and communities around the world?

Every day, people and groups manage to tackle complex social challenges with an effective solution. Too often, though, those solutions never reach the needed scale, preventing others from using them, build upon them or even improve them.

For this reason, Impacton centralises its efforts around a single mission:

to collect and spread existing, effective solutions in a way that can solve real problems and reduce risks of investment in sustainable development.

We aim to empower people (like you, who are reading this) by providing the cases, knowledge and help required to make existing, effective solutions accessible to anyone, everywhere.

Why are we doing this?

In a world that’s in desperate need of change, we’re tired of hypocrisy.

Today, we know more about the world than any other generation in the history of humanity. The Internet, followed by social media, gave us unprecedented exposure to information about the planet, its breathtaking beauty and its most pressing challenges.

This allowed us to identify exactly how much damage is being done every day by a system that secures benefits for the few at the cost of the many, a system shaped by those who were supposed to guide us to prosperity.

Uncountable. Proofs. Of this betrayal. Made us cynical.

In front of the complexity of global challenges, we’re further paralysed by misleading information, unclear processes and overwhelming bureaucracy. “How naive of you to think that this is supposed to be a fair world” and “this is just the way the world works” is what we usually hear in response to our frustration.

We believe that this is no longer acceptable. We refuse to give in to this cynicism, paralysis and defeatism, and decided to instead take matters into our own hands.

The question, then, is not whether we need to act for this change, but how?

How are we doing it?

It’s been proven that when we can’t take action for causes we empathise with, our brain can burn out or even shut down and detach from causes, because it can’t manage the pressure. This leads to ignorance, isolation, fear, anxiety, intolerance and even more extreme behaviours.

But it’s also been proven that if we can identify what blocks us, we can design the right triggers to guide people from paralysis and detachment to empowerment and will to take positive action.

And that is what we have decided to do.

Despite the noise and the false positives of the social good industry, there are solutions implemented around the world that have proven their impact, sustainability and model. Often scattered across the web, these projects can be very difficult to access, which leads to endless, painful duplication of efforts on a global scale.

We’ve decided to collect their blueprints, and spread them globally. We believe that making these projects accessible will:

→ provide effective, proven models that people can take and adapt to their conditions, anywhere in the world;
→ take away barriers, like fear of failure or investment risks;
→ reduce waste of resources, money and efforts.

But most importantly, we believe it will encourage a creative, impact-driven mindset, helping people to fight against fear and intolerance and to strive towards a society based on unity, inclusiveness and justice.

Of course, context matters. What works in Kigali, Rwanda, doesn’t necessarily work in Matera, Italy. That’s why we don’t stand for blind replication of formulas. Instead, we have developed a context-conscious co-design process that involves the beneficiaries of these projects and takes their personal and cultural sensitivities into account.

Get involved!

“Make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.” — R. B. Fuller

We believe in humans’ capacity to transform what comes our way and convert it into something extraordinary.

We are the generation that has to be a movement for good.

Previous generations created technology and data that give us more collective power than ever before in history. The time has come to do something with it, for more than 1% of humanity.

We must do it today, cause today is when it matters.


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