5 Reasons the Impact Pioneers Platform is the Best Way to Connect with the Impact Ecosystem

In November 2021, the Impact Pioneers Network Virtual Platform was officially launched in conjunction with Philippine Startup week. Since then, the platform has grown to over 50 users — entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, and entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs).

The platform serves as a way for users, especially enterprises, to learn, scale, and connect. Here are 5 reasons why the Impact Pioneers Platform is the best way to connect with the impact ecosystem.

  1. Users get to connect with the entire ecosystem on the platform

As a user on the platform, it is not only possible, but extremely easy to connect with other impact ecosystem stakeholders, from entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, and ESOs. Users have access to discovering and scoping the platform and seeing who else is active on it. With one click of a button, users can search for specific organizations or individuals on the platform. Users can connect with others, chat with each other, and see the most recent activity of other users.

2. Access resource materials.

The team behind the Impact Pioneers Network specially curates learning resources for the ecosystem. These resources are uploaded publicly for all to view and use. By going to the platform, all website visitors can click on the “Resources” button, which will lead you to downloadable files such as a due diligence checklist and templates of financial statements. All resources have been tried and tested, and are quick enablers of improvement and growth for entrepreneurs.

3. Join events such as learning sessions.

The Impact Pioneers Network regularly hosts learning sessions, open to all entrepreneurs and investors in the Philippines. All members of the platform are given updates on the up and coming learning sessions, and have access to the recordings for them to review and learn more from at any time.

The network hosts bi-monthly learning sessions for all entrepreneurs in the Philippines. In the past few months, we’ve covered topics such as financial planning, business compliance, and investment readiness for entrepreneurs, all led by esteemed speakers in their respective fields. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn more about entrepreneurship and growth! Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated on the upcoming learning sessions.

Every month, an Impact Investing 101 learning session is conducted for investors who are interested in the impact investing space. Join the next learning session to learn more about the high potential of impact investing, how you can bridge the financial gap, and all you need to get started on your impact investing journey.

4. See the activity of others on the platform

The first thing that pops up on your user dashboard is the most recent activity of the network and the members on the platform. By being a member of the platform, you have access to the current happenings of the impact ecosystem. See which investors are looking to expand their portfolio, which enterprises are currently fundraising, what services ESOs and service providers are offering, and the like. The platform is your one and only go to for updates and news in the impact ecosystem.

5. Grow your enterprise

If you’re an impact enterprise looking to scale, the Impact Pioneers Virtual Platform is especially for you. The platform enables you to share your fundraising ask out in the open for all investors to see. By adding specific goals, investment instrument, and amount, investors will have a clearer picture of whether or not their investment goals match yours. You never know — this may very well lead you to seal the deal on an investment you’ve been dreaming of.

The Impact Pioneers virtual platform is just getting started. In the next few months, wait and see more features that will connect you to the ecosystem even more. Not yet a member of the platform? Register here and we’ll see you there!

Miki Eala served as Venture Associate at Villgro Philippines, working closely on the Impact Pioneers Network and Virtual Platform to build the ecosystem in the Philippines.



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