Different drugs for different stimulation

“Alarm hitting 7am, ah fuck that! Dress up, go make a coffee or buy one on the way to work. Get to the job place and the stimulation starts, fellow employees talking, starring at a computer monitor, stressing about something you shouldn’t.

Day ends, you hop on the train home with your headphones maxed out. Don’t even want to lift your head up to look at people. You get home, eat while scrolling through your phone with no reason. Hit up YouTube watch a few videos and it’s 10PM — time for beddy.”


We live in a stimulated world, it’s really hard to grab a hold of your own shit sometimes. From the devices we use to the colorful streets. People everyday are sucked into the rabbit hole.

How ever, the cool thing is it doesn’t have to be a bad LSD trip. You can actually control this drug.


But there has to be reason. It’s all the state of mind. If you repeatedly feed your self the same shit, soon you’ll be just like one. It’s extremely hard to find that little light or little smile, in circumstances were in.

The state of mind is the real light, the 9–5 or whatever the situation is, can be always altered. You don’t have to wake up 7AM and start thinking about something you don’t like. That 7AM can be an endorphin releasing movement. (When I think of endorphin, I think of dolphin because they’re happy, cute creatures)

Maybe you’re stuck in a common problem of giving your life away in the office for no reason?

Your little time you have left over, the spare 3 hours after work is truly your little gold nuggets that are worth more than the silver you carry during the day.


Your time is dripping in gold, that other people use way more than yourself.

I personally have no down time, I don’t have the let’s chill moments. I cannot watch a full game of ball, I cannot watch a full TV show. When I’m friends it’s usually discussing business and something valuable.

It’s the priorities you have to grab by the balls.


Your true friends will understand and if they don’t. Well, there’s like billions of humans on this planet, if you get the memo I’m sending.

Look for value not acceptance of others. But also provide and exchange value, make it a meaningful transaction with your friends.

The importance of your free time you might the gold of mine you’re currently digging, and you need to blow that TNT in order to get to it.

2 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s 14 hours you have to make a change and you have to trust me, that seem like a little time, but sometimes that’s all you need to make it work like a 40-hour week.


Our experiences are embedded into us in very different ways. I understand that each of our own life is a different art-board which is fun, but there is that common that thing we both have……. 24 hours in a day

Don’t wake up un-motivated to just go to work, just get your paycheck, just chill, just relax.

When you replace the gold drip, to gold flow in the process of filling your glass. Trust me…..It will taste wonderful! But in order for it to taste good, your reason has to be the tall glass.

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