Following an easier plan for creativity

Frame of Mind- Louise Bjornskov Schmidt

This is not a how to plan for your daily tasks. This is more of being aware of your emotional and analytical state through out the day.

In the past few years I’ve tried pretty much everything there is, in terms of planning your day of course. One of the notions that I had to over come was finding “that” time.

What is that even mean?

Well, it’s still basically a concept of planning your day but actually being aware of what current state your in. Finding your creative time blocks vs. your analytical and rational-mind times.

Have you ever had those nightly moments, where you can fall asleep because your mind is spitting some creative shit? Or even analytical baggage?

I started doing shorter time-blocks. My day is set around having 2 sessions periods of about 3 hour time blocks for “work”. In the morning from 930–1230pm is my creative time, which usually consists sketching, drawing, doodling around, looking at videos and observing.

The PM block is the left side of the brain. I’ve came to notice that evenings I prefer to analyze more so I set my “thinking duties” to a 3hour block from 2 to 5pm.

I have a tight schedule

Thats OK! Start noticing patterns where you’re window is the most creative. Doesn’t have to be a whole morning. Maybe you got that 30-min block through out the day, where your mind just waters imaginative garden full of colors. UTILIZE THAT!

Conclusion of it all is, we all have those moments daily. It’s up to you to notice and take advantage of it. Reading about people from past that we’re called “successful” always had their habits of doing things. This is just one of them.

I plan a topic and spit it raw as a freestyle at the moment. Follow me if you want to hear more freestyles.

Good-Day HUMAN!