Indulgence and Cookies

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I’ve been on a tedious routine for about 4 month now. Trying to establish and refine every step of the way. The goal is to get a solid schedule where my body and mind feel adapted, like almost some sort of natural intuitive force that I’ve been swimming along.

Well, last week I got allergies. HELLO FALL! And obviously when you get pretty shitty seasonal allergies, your whole motivation gets effected as well. I woke up on a Monday feeling pretty clouded mentally but physically I was on another level. Like a fucking hulk ready to smash the Trump Tower.

So I got through a filthy session of lifting heavy objects. I mean, I felt like a king-kong no fucking joke.

But then when I had to eat my post training meal and have a little moment to my self, I noticed cookie jar. It was filled all the way to the fucking top, like a gem just shining at me.

I took one, another one, put some honey on the third one. The fourth, fifth, and sixth were mixed with cacao, cottage cheese, some yogurt, and other great deliciousness for my belly.

This lasted 3 days, I became like a stoner on munchies that wouldn’t go away. Every single day I had at least one indulgence. I came up with french toasted soaked in Cacao, mixed with berries, and honey.

“The ending results and conclusion”

I felt like a fucking loser, all emotional, lazy, having a desires for the stupidest shit. Kind of like the first time you’re a kid and you masturbate, you think to your self “Wow, this is fucking cool”.

I was a walking sheep, just like our country. Just like the majority of the tainted people , with their political correctness, waiting for their Venti Latte fix, and maybe a gas station donuts on the way to their cubicles.

Biggest thing I learned was that I didn’t attach this momentum to my self, it was all temporary. I couldn’t imagine living a daily life like this, it’s just bizarre. I was drugged by the products our government puts on the shelf for us and our kids.

Learn to control your emotions and you will learn how to cope with the hardest moments in life.

I plan a topic and spit it raw as a freestyle at the moment. Follow me if you want to hear more freestyles.

Good day HUMAN!