Pealed banana by a monkey is the answer to evolve

Artist: Keith Prossick

Have you noticed the patterns? Industrial evolution, corporate evolution, tech evolution. I have a theory the next one is our mind evolving. It’s kind of hard to comprehend an idea around it.

Well, if you look at the awareness we carry today, we’re way more advanced in human cognition than the people living a 100 years ago. You’re probably thinking “Well, thats obvious duhhhh”.

No, but really! Just think of the awareness we carry! It’s fucking insane! A lot of people are still sleeping, enjoying those “Organic TV dinners” and still watch Two and a Half men with Ashton Kutcher.

But on the real side! We’re aware of the monkey mind, we’re aware of our actions, we’re aware of the thoughts, we’re aware of the moment. It’s so much more than just a 100 year old spiritual approach to it. We have evidence how the human brain works.

Comprehending the path

It’s really hard to imagine where the road is going. Obviously, the bullshit that’s going on with politics, religion, riots, racism, feminism, extremists, and other parasitical groups.

Does that happen when people are ready to evolve? I mean, obviously when the car was invented people had resistance to it. But we’re talking mentally, I cannot apply the spiritual approach, but it’s the easiest reference we can make.

Can that be some sort of telepathy? I have no fucking clue! But it does raise my eyebrow and tickle my brain dearly. One of the things I’m sure is stopping us, is the one and only the bright EGO. With your political correctness you can go back to your little cubicle and forget about it, except the excel sheets on your screen.

I plan a topic and spit it raw, as a freestyle at the moment. Check out my other rawness.

Good day HUMAN!