The simplicity to manipulating your health

Everything you have is right in front of your eyes, within the reaches of your hands. Almost everything you do in life is shaped by your habits, priorities, actions taken etc.

“But sometimes we forget to be aware of it”

I mean I’ve fucked up many times binge eating, or just caught up in a bad lifestyle, but I realized quick “do not let it identify you”. If you let it eat you, then you’re going to end up repeating the same shit.

It’s just a habit! Even though your choice selection might not be the best, it’s just a habit you’ve established. The developed habit can be a cause of your personal life such as work, school, schedule, relationships etc.

Well, you’ve pretty much just fucked yourself. I’m kidding you actually didn’t, you’re actually fucking smart! Your brain is a badass! Pretty much making connections, establishing patterns, creating habits, connecting and so on…..

Complicated Pattern

You’re a fascinating creature

The best part about it, if you start tackling small habits, you’ll soon start noticing everything else shifting.

So, one of the things we see in a lot of movies that display a corporate feel, is the break room. You know, the coffee machines, white bright lights, table, and a box of donuts.

It’s the regular Monday 15-minute before work gathering in the break room, talking about the weekend, football games, news etc.

Usually no one understands why Johny and Bobby are talking and unconsciously eating a donut, while washing it down with poor tasting office coffee.

Have you ever catch your self in a comparable situation? Morning Starbucks latte, gotta have it right? Or that cigarette on the way to work.

Whatever the habit might be, it’s the first step of being aware of it. Acknowledge it, start taking action.

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