What is creativity?

In the past few months I’ve made a pledge, that I’ll be choosing words carefully to really give the listener something to think about. The main reason was because of my YouTube time watching Gary Vaynerchuk and other people talk. Well, root of it all was politics.

So, sometimes even people like Gary like to get into the freestyle of their own. Speaking in generality you might understand him clearly, what his pitch is, what he’s trying to focus on. But since I started really focusing on the vocabulary and phrasing everything together, I noticed that sometimes what he says just doesn’t make sense.

Now, I respect and fucking admire his work, but it just shows you what awareness is. You start noticing micro details , establishing patterns.

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” — Kurt Vonnegut

Is my new motto of noticing, can be identified as creative? I personally think yes! If you go by your day about not taking anger from other people or even letting get to you. Well, you’re creative as f$@k. You just established something in your mind telling you “I wont take shit from assholes today, instead i’ll think of flowers”.

Creative work is your craft, your bag of tools that you carry. When you’re limited to what you can accomplish, you tend to articulate a plan or ideas around it. Which leads to using you rational mind and accepting that what tools you have now, will be sufficient.

That’s the first step, accepting of what you have in that bag will be sufficient. Then you start drawing out and connecting patterns, where you can implement X to Z without effecting the Y, which is in the middle.

Creative work doesn’t have to be labor intensive. It can be you walking outside in the nature and telling your self “I’m free”. It takes courage to be creative, we all have that inside of us, it’s just a little tainted by the bullshit that’s fed to us.

Creativity is everything surrounding you, it’s your most original ideas, thoughts, patterns, that you experienced through your life, and it somehow always emerges into anything you try to accomplish.

This is something I will keep pondering and journaling about.

But what is creativity to you?

Good day Human!