Why doesn’t anybody talk about death


You’re feeling a little anxiety, when you hear the word “death”. It’s okay, we’ve all felt somewhat uncomfortable thinking or even talking about it. You get an image of a black figure, floating around with a huge scythe. That’s a nice powder of bullshit, sprinkled on the cake.

“We’re dying through life and living through death.”-Paulius Podziunas

Most of the people go a day without ever even thinking about death. Which is sad, because it almost seduces you to live only for tomorrow. If you forget about it and just focus on tomorrow, you wont be satisfied on your death bed.

“Unraveling The Code” by The Welch Brothers.

As you step out of your friend’s car, you tell her to text you in the AM. What if that moment never happens? Pretty deep huh?

Clock stops ticking

Sooner or later this will happen. Our close ones, friends, family etc. Some will experience tragedies and in most cases you will be emotionally hurt, for a certain period of time.

We want everyone to live and have a wonderful short experience in this labyrinth of magic. That is true! But wouldn’t you appreciate your fellow humans a little more?

Religion gets in the way

I’m not judging anybody for their beliefs. Well, just to the extremists “Sincerely, go fuck yourselves”.

I remember the old days, when I was brought up with Catholic beliefs. I had been painted a portrait of non-sense in my head, thinking of death as a devil-ish figure, which was only brought up by my sins.

Soon to realize, it was all to instill fear. Oh hey, installment of fear will keep you under control. Depending where you came from, you might’ve had some familiar phrasing of “Hey Johnny, don’t cross the line! God will punish you, it’s a sin”.

Don’t get me wrong, religion is beyond aesthetic. But have you thought about the history of it? Modification of the bible x10000 times, it’s concepts of life brought into a book to interpret a “historic message” with cult like mannerism.

I had my own encounter with death, a few times. What happened? Well, it was simple, I accepted it. When the clock paused for a second to observe my time here, with my self in acceptance, a really strange feeling came over me. I was in peace, a total aura of everything beautiful and appreciative.

Freedom to live and die

Have you ever thought about it? If you observed death as a beautiful symbol, embracing every moment. Appreciating the smallest things, that are pure nature. The plants growing, spreading around with different colors, birds singing.

At the end of the day, we’re all dancing in a singular cosmic energy, with our own expressions of the dance. Just smile and appreciate that you’re here! Go for a walk observe the trees, sip on that delicious coffee, experience the full sense of spectrum that’s already around you.

I plan a topic and spit it raw, as a freestyle at the moment. Check out my other rawness.

Good day HUMAN!