Great Executive Search Consultants are for all businesses

The search for a great employee requires more than Google search knowledge and candidate calling expertise. An executive search consultant can assist in finding the right match as required, ranging from mid to high level executive roles. They draft job descriptions, use their professional network to search for references, call up candidates and conduct interviews for the hiring firm. Big brands have been hiring executive search firms for all job fillings, but nowadays it is not an expensive deal to hire HR consultants by small firms too.

Back in 2008, Executive search industry saw a low revenue accumulation, however, it took up pace from 2010 and joined the multi-billionaire club unfaltering till date. Every year, HR Capital industry surveyed a growth of 10.7% salary increment in BFSI and Automobile industries (as apparent from Deloitte’s survey of FY 2016).

The cost of a bad hire is more than a firm can anticipate. In terms of time, money and expertise, a bad hire can ruin the slightest hope for growth in small businesses. Even though, big companies can afford to make experimental mistakes, time never stops for anyone. A crucial need of the hour can be fulfilled by outsourcing team, as relevant with a consistent hiring data.

For any type of business, a critical position that decides the destiny of a corporation needs a lot of substantial thought, HR expertise and execution ability. Some firms choose their in-house team to do the needful in order to save a bit of money. But that doesn’t eradicate the underlying risk of making a bad choice. Top Executive Search Firms have market leadership in knowing where the talents are and make use of their strong professional database to choose from a pool of at least 150 qualified professionals.

In addition to sourcing job seekers, best HR consultants are instrumental in understanding your long-term business needs with that of the recruitment they are screening for. Alignment of both the candidate’s future goals with that of the company is very essential. They not only write relevant job descriptions, but also decide the kind of criteria a candidate needs to fulfill through his or her portfolio & communication skills to get the job.

So, what does the best of the lot, you need to check whether executive search consultants are also retained firms who initially possess a good market reputation and can do the job quicker than expected. Once, you are assured about their service offerings which may range from role designing, organization designing, in-house HR assistance to training & development of candidates, you can be rest assured about the hiring process.

Originally published at on February 24, 2016.

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