How to Select the Best Executive Search Consultant Partner for You

The field of Human Resource Development revolves around several responsibilities within an organization starting from Hiring, Training, Appraisals, Payroll management and motivation, recreational aspects of employee development.

In the last 5 years, more than 50% Fortune 500 companies’ use HR outsourcing out of which 11% consist of financial services, 28% belonged to Information Technology, 14% belonged to Sales & Marketing and 11% belonged to Human Resources.

Aspiring HR professionals might want to focus more on Benefits Administration and Compliance issues than developing employee engagement activities. But, it is always good to remember that they are focusing on the most valuable asset of the company — Employees.

There are 5 trends that 100 global companies follow as a general thumb rule for outsourcing HR Consultants according to The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and these are:

1) More than 26% companies want to save money — a primary reason for outsourcing.

2) More than 23% companies want to rebuild their existing strategies and outsourcing talented Executive Search Consultants can help them save a lot of time!

3) More than 22% companies need to maintain compliance at all times and find it easier to keep the track of risks in check with outsourcing.

4) More than 18% companies need to fill the discrepancies of internal structuring in check. Knowing their weak spots let them work better.

5) More than 18% companies want to advance with technological solutions like tackling strategic analytics, managing big data etc. with HR outsourcing.

As we can see from the survey, the reason behind hiring best executive search consultants can vary from one reason to another. But mostly, it revolves around internal administration and people management. Another question asked by SHRM was the ‘functionality’ of such support or if we can put it as ‘what are the HR functions that the companies are looking for?’

The answer wasn’t unknown as more than 84% outsourced for administration followed by counselling, temporary staffing, pension & retirement planning, etc. For small companies, expertise is required to recruit cost-effective candidates who are modest and sincere in their career planning. For larger firms, legal and compliance departments require risk mitigation that has to be dealt with professionally. And if we talk about Govt. Firms, compliance issues might turn into lawsuit, penalties and fines in no time. Hence, outsourcing Executive Search Consultants from a Top HR Consulting Service Provider is a must.

It is not always the fact that only companies look for outsourcing solutions, but aspiring candidates in all designations require a good placement for their career. In this 21st century, HR Recruitment Firms who are enthusiastic to provide counselling, analysis of portfolio and grooming for effective recruitment are the most preferred. Chalking out outsourcing companies from the internet and then knowing their Market value is very important before commencing on a project together.

Impeccable HR Consulting Pvt. Ltd provides Executive Search Consulting Solutions in all HRD related realms to leading companies of India. They are adept in Lateral, bulk and Leadership Hiring across BFSI, Automobile and E-commerce, shipping with a rich experience of more than 15 years.

Originally published at on January 29, 2016.

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