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Imperfect Foods
Sep 19 · 4 min read
We’re delivering groceries on a mission to reduce food waste and build a better food system.

We have exciting news! We are now Imperfect Foods. While our logo and name have changed, our dedication to reducing food waste and building a better food system for everyone remains as strong as ever. Here’s why:

We want to take an even bigger bite out of food waste.

Our company got its start tackling the particularly absurd problem of farms being unable to harvest and market as much as a third of their crops because of the strict cosmetic standards of grocery stores. While we’re proud of what we’ve been able to address on the farm level, food waste doesn’t just happen with produce. If we take a look at the bigger picture, farm-level waste accounts for less than 20% of the food waste in America. There are other, less glaring types of waste that happen every day that we can all help address. By expanding our focus to recover other types of food in addition to fruits and vegetables, the Imperfect community will be able to make an even bigger impact.

We can help redefine grocery shopping to be more sustainable, better value, and great quality.

The more we learned about food waste in America, the more we understood that it wasn’t just the produce aisle that was ripe for change. As Imperfect Foods, we’re working to rethink the entire grocery store, one aisle at a time, and get our customers the groceries that they know and love in a way that reduces food waste and helps farmers and producers make a better living. You’ll get the healthy, seasonal produce you want alongside the grocery staples you rely on, without having to compromise on your budget or values. We’re proving that doing the right thing for the planet doesn’t have to cost more and that shopping for quality ingredients can support the people and resources it takes to grow our favorite foods.

It’s better for our community and the environment.

We’re always listening to your input, and some of the most common feedback we’ve gotten is that if we offered a more complete offering of grocery items, our customers wouldn’t have to drive to the store at all. As a produce delivery service, we could provide part of your meal; but as a grocery delivery company, we can provide all of the ingredients you need to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner. However, this is bigger than just customer preferences. As we mentioned when we began offering dairy and vegan alternative products a few weeks ago, offering a full assortment of grocery offerings isn’t just a convenient way to fight food waste — it helps our environment by taking cars off the road for one-off trips to the grocery store.

This change means that our deliveries are more useful than ever and our company can increase our positive impact on the community and the planet. So whether you’re hunting for the right wonky vegetables to round out your next family feast, stocking up on your favorite grains and snacks, or looking to save time and money on the almond milk and eggs you buy every week, Imperfect Foods has you covered. This brings us to our last point.

Why the new look?

Our new logo!

Our logo has been the visual representation of our mission since day one, so lettuce share about our new look and feel! The potato heart logo captured our mission well when our entire focus was on recovering ugly produce, but now that we’ve expanded to recover other types of food, our logo needed to reflect this change. Our new logo reflects that we’re expanding our focus from produce to the entire grocery store, while staying rooted in the premise that everyone deserves real food at a real value. The carrot represents our commitment to honoring our roots in community, sustainability, and the fight against food waste. Carrots also represent one of our company values at Imperfect Foods: use the whole carrot, which captures our desire to minimize waste by valuing every part of the ingredients and resources that we rely on.

As we prepare to take the next step as a company, we’re first and foremost grateful to everyone who helped us get to this point. We also want our longtime fans and early customers to know that the fruits and vegetables aren’t going anywhere. As Imperfect Foods, produce will still be at the center of our plates, and we are more committed than ever to taking a big bite out of food waste. We’re excited to see what our future looks like — together!

To get to know us even better, be sure to take a look at our new website!

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