Google announced it’s another product called “ Google Play Books” yesterday in 45 countries and nine languages. According to Google, apps are available on all the android devices, ios, and web with Google Play Books, as well as on devices that include the Google Assistant like Google Home and many others.

You can buy a single audiobook at an affordable price and can get a free preview of the book. The favorite audiobook can be shared with everyone in the family through the family library without additional fee, even in a different device.

You can also say “ Oka Google…

There is a new prototype for growing challenges in our community. To encourage social interaction among the neighbors, a prototype of an app called “Park Time” is introduced.

According to 2015 report from City Observatory, the time spent with the neighbors is at an all-time low. Growing social media users and usage of apps has reduced interaction with the neighbors. To improve and encourage the need for social ties, this led to design an app.

Growing number of urban cities and busy life-schedule, people have not been able to communicate or spent time with their neighbors. Company Sidewalk began the…

WhatsApp have launched much needed app for people doing business online — WhatsApp Business for small business making it easier for companies to connect with customers. WhatsApp Business App features:

To create Business Profile with address, business description, email address, and website.Automated messages — quick replies that provide fast answers to frequently asked questions, greeting messages that introduce customers to your business, and away messages that let them know you’re busy.Messages Analytics to know read messages.

People will know that they are talking to business as they will have different business account. People have to do nothing unless they are…

Researchers at MIT in collaboration with Brigham and Women’s Hospital have developed a capsule that can provide a week’s worth of HIV drugs in a single dose. According to the press release by MIT, patients can take the newly designed capsule once a week and drug will run gradually throughout the week.

Traditional doses of the capsule were often forgotten by the patients. The new capsule will adhere patients to comply with their treatment schedule. It can be also used by the people who have the risk of becoming infected.

According to the researcher Giovanni Traverso, “ One of the…

We are near to upcoming CES 2018 held in Las Vegas. LG Electronics is showcasing its award-winning 4K UHD projector.

According to LG, they reduced the size of the project without compromising the image quality and less expensive than it’s competitors. Previous generation projectors were expensive and more cumbersome to get installed in the home, and portable projector with 4K quality can be groundbreaking for the consumers.

Nissan is the multinational automobile manufacturer. It’s headquarter is located in Yokohama, Japan. According to Nissan, the company is showing capabilities of the exclusive Brain to Vehicle technology at the CES 2018 show.

Nissan uncovered it’s years of a research project that allows vehicles to understand the signals from the driver’s brain changing the way how people interact with their cars. Brain to vehicle technology will make the autonomous vehicle more entertaining. The signals received from our brain while turning the steering wheel or pushing the accelerator pedal are decoded to predict action and detecting discomfort. After that, the car…

Today LG released an official statement announcing the partnership with HERE Technologies to work on the telematics solution for autonomous vehicles. HERE technologies is a global provider of digital mapping and location services. The amalgam of the LG’s advanced telematics technology and the HERE powered map data and location services can play the vital role in the telematics technology. Their combination leads to support automakers all around the globe with a robust and secure communication hub for highly automated and fully autonomous cars.

Telematics is an industry that is an integration of telecommunications and informatics to provide vehicle safety and…

Everyday hours of videos are uploaded every minute and millions of video hours are watched on YouTube. And between all videos, comes Ads i.e. Ads are also uploaded on YouTube and you see them due to which creators earn and make more good videos. But if Ads are good, they are also watched and shared many times. There are Ads that made you laugh the hardest, cry the most, or inspired you to take a stand.

In YouTube Ads Leaderboard, YouTube is celebrating the ads that got the most views, shares, and all around love from YouTube audiences across the…

Today a Company Blink that provides the indoor and outdoor security system is acquired by Amazon Inc. In early 2016, Company was launched and it provides the affordable wireless video home security camera and monitoring system with lithium-powered batteries. Recently The company announced Video Doorbell Features that provides the live view and 2-way audio. The features in the doorbell are astounding with 2-year battery life and free cloud storage.

According to the Blink” If you own one of our systems, nothing changes for now “. The acquisition is confirmed by blink and Amazon. The cost for the acquisition is not yet published in the press release.

LG is planning a lot of things to unveil in upcoming CES 2018. As already published about its huge Styler that can accommodate all the garments with care. Today, LG announced that it plans to show the upgraded version of its popular monitor line up.From the feedback of its user, LG added support for HDR600 with the high dynamic range of brightness and new connectivity options with full Thunderbolt 3 compatibility.

LG’s new 32 -inch 4K monitor modeled 32UK950 is the first to provide upgraded NANO IPS technology. According to LG, the NANO IPS technology can enhance the intensity and…

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