My grannies old, she probably thinks she is dying and I am exhausted from the mess we call home.

Husain and Tasneem might have opened up a Fat’s club where they personally discuss about the recipe of stupid, ugly and disastorous soups.

My mom may be is out of her mind I think for she is bewildered and bedazzled of the upcoming events.

I AM NOT sure wether Maulas arrival is beneficiary to myself or is it just another anxiety full moment for which my stomach has butterflies flying in it.

Who knows that life will turn up to be something better. It’s just another day and another oppurtunity. Freinds have turned up from someplace I haven’t even imagined yes God has plans and thing do mend in his way.

Lets see where this freakshow land us eh!

P.S hate my paternal so called ‘father’ He is an arse.