Alena Kudryavtseva, office manager, ICO “Brain Space” manager.

Question: How did you get here? :) Alena: I was invited. When I learned what I would need to do and in what area, I immediately agreed. Nowadays, it is interesting to work in the field of IT startups, especially on the basis of the blockchain. After all, this is one of the most advanced technologies that exist today.

Question: How close is your workplace to your dream job?

Alena: When I think “dream work”, a large and bright space immediately appears in my head, in which it is comfortable, calm and warm. And it has a lot of green plants that adorn the space and fill it with comfort and peace. And oxygen.

I also take a great interest in floristics — therefore beautiful plants are for me an integral part of a comfortable life and work.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to give yourself free rein in our current job :) But we have enough interesting things …