Team building and paintball for an IT company that develops startups in blockchain technology

Team building, corporate, general recreation in the working team — it sounds pretty scary for an ordinary employee of a large company. Immediately comes to mind running in bags, drunk colleagues, photos in social networks, for which it is a shame …

But we once left the team in paintball.

And it was great to get to know each other not only as IT-specialists, but also as comrades! To run, to war, to shoot at each other — after summing up the overall results. Outline plans for the future … We want or try airsoft, or karting.

These are common emotions, memories, and impressions. Again — fresh air. On Saturday, in contrast, after the office workers “get-togethers” was very cool.

Nobody even began to shirk, we all went.

Interesting and suddenly manifested themselves girls! From them there was most of all emotions and sudden actions, which in the end turned into a bright game.

How do you invest in your team building?