Should we travel or save money for the rest of our life?

What do you think about the above question? Do you love travelling? I am wondering the answer. Travelling is the most interesting thing that I have ever experienced. I’m pursuing an internship in a university. I am being paid sufficiently well to live comfortably where I do. I will be exhausting all the money if I decide to travel Europe with my friends. My friends, by the way, want to travel Europe with their salaries.

I do not come from a family where money is a scarcity, but I do not wish to spend money unnecessarily. As such, I am not ‘passionate’ about travelling per se, but I do like visiting new places. I was wondering if I should go for it or save money for pursuing my other activities like get a DSLR to pursue my photography interests, gift an iPad to my parents, save money for an online educational course, or maybe I can even pay my tuition fees next semester and make my parents happy?
 There is just so much I can think of in which I can invest money.
 I would like to hear from people who have been in my situation and get their opinions on how it turned out to be and what I should be doing. My current thinking goes like: I can travel Europe anyhow later when I earn more and maybe now I should do things that a 20 year old would probably want to do.
 P.S Maybe to give a bit more context, I’m from India and it is a great deal for me to get my first salary. Being a student of Architecture, travelling would immensely expand my vision and get my rough Spanish skills into practice too. But then, I really think I can use $1000 into something more productive that essentially pays off. I desperately need some guidance here. Both options seem equally favorable to me.

For now I think you money is better spent in investing in yourself. I think travelling to Europe or investing in your photography interest are both great ideas. Depending on which one you think will be more beneficial to you, you should pick that. Are you really passionate about photography? If you had a choice of being a photographer vs architecture, which one would you choose? If the answer is photography then invest in it otherwise Europe trip seem like a better option. You will learn more about architecture and travelling will also expand your horizons. It comes down to what you are more passionate about, you can do something nice for your parents once you have a job in a few years.

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