Mythbusting: American Exceptionalism

Myth #1: Settlers Committed Genocide Against Native Americans

Numbers vary, but estimates for the number of ‘native’ Americans prior to Columbus arriving in 1492 is anywhere from 4 million to 18 million. Today, there are a little more than 5 million. By definition, that’s not a genocide..

Myth #2: Separation of Church & State Is Real

Despite the instance of law schools and atheists across the nation, the idea of Separation of Church & State does not actually exist in any founding document of the nation. More specifically, it does not appear in the establishment clause of the first amendment. The phrase is hijacked from a private letter written my Thomas Jefferson. In the letter, Jefferson discussed that, ‘a wall of separation of church and state’ shall be necessary so that the government does not create an official religion.

Myth #3: America Is An Empire

America might be the worst empire that’s ever existed, if it is one at all.

Myth #4: The Rich Don’t Pay Their Fair Share

The United States has one of the most progressive federal tax systems in the world. A couple with no children will pay $0 in income tax on the first $24000/year that they make. This is an increase in the standard deduction which represents a net reduction in income tax liabilities for the poorest Americans, a result of the 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

Myth #5: Freedom of Speech Is Common

Freedom of Speech, as recognized by the Constitution of the United States, does not exist in any other nation than the United States. Not in Canada, not in the UK, and not in Europe.

PS: Hate Speech Isn’t Real

Hate speech does not exist, but hateful speech does. Humans are vile creatures and, as such, are prone to saying and doing hateful things. There is a difference between speech which is hateful in nature, such as calling a black person the n-word, and speech which should be disallowed, and ‘hate speech’ falls into the category of the latter. No, using hateful speech is not something which should be celebrated. But neither is it something which should be outlawed.



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Philip Suarez

Philip Suarez

Combat Veteran | Adopted Texan | Button Pusher | Policy Critic | Shameless Conservative