Thinking Things Over

Kinain ng sistema. Eaten up by the system.

Both internal and external pressures have indeed pulled me down.

So much that I want to get away from it all. Going through work today was hard enough. Putting on a smile made me crumble inside.

I cried, but not because they think I’m pressured from my accounts.

I almost lost a friend. We had a misunderstanding because of this issue. In the end we talked about it. I’ll let it be. I will respect whatever that friend’s decision is.

Writing on Watty can indeed open you up to different pressures and temptations. Heck, kinain ng sistema.

There came a point that I want to be noticed by those fanpages. I want my stories to be talked about. I want to gain votes, reads, and followers.

I want to be the very best. So goes that Pokemon theme song.

In the end, like right now, it only made me miserable.

I didn’t see what I have right now. I am indeed greedy.

I didn’t see the blessings in disguise that comes with not being “peymus”. I took for granted those who supported me. I put myself down. I am my worse enemy.

I apologize. For being this way.

I will get away for a while. Let me think things over.

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