What Is The Purpose And Objectives of Sinus Lift Courses?

Since the time when sinus lift operation was performed for the first time in dental implant history, there has been rigorous and extensive change in the entire treatment procedure. At that time the lateral window approach was applied and was found to be very effective as it produced proven results.With the passage of time, complications and challenges in such treatment increased making oral implant and dentistry to seek effective solutions. Your problems can be reduced by a considerable margin when you undergo the modern Sinus Lift Courses where you will come to know about the less invasive and more innovative ways to deal with the common challenges faced during the treatment of atrophy maxillary ridge and deficiency in vertical height.

The Purpose of It

You know the right procedure to handle such surgical procedures with immaculate accuracy and also increase your level of knowledge and skill which is the sole purpose of Sinus Lift Courses. You will be trained and taught by some of the best paleontologists in the industry and there will be some of the renowned oral maxillary surgeons for expert supervision and control, all of whom are certified by the board. Through their experience and expertise you get the best knowledge by performing on at least four patients and making at least four and up to ten implants. You will be using kits with hydraulic protocol.

The Crystal Approach

Apart from making implants you will also be required to make at least four and up to six lifts of 4 to 7 m of bone residue as an essential part of the Sinus Lift Courses. In this process you will be taught about the less invasive Crystal approach where the floor of the sinus is pushed up with the use of testosterone. This is a very useful method for sinus elevation and over the years it has been bettered for more improved result. You will now find the motorized intro-crustal sinus augmentation technique been used extensively in crystal approach. In this method a series of sinus drills are done to produce safe and better results. Stoppers are used to control the depth of the drill and to check when it reaches the sinus membrane.

The Course Objectives

The primary objective to include it in the Sinus Lift Courses is to provide adequate knowledge about atrophy maxilla and also to understand the basic difference between intro-crustal and lateral windows and their approach. It also helps you to master the hydraulic sinus augmentation process by using special drills for sinus augmentation. You can now place the implants along with crystal augmentation more effectively. Knowledge about bone condensation helps you to feel the sinus membrane better with proper bone packing which will help you to perform even the most difficult sinus augmentation.

Meticulously Planned Course Schedule

With strategically planned course schedule does not lengthen the course unnecessarily but helps the students understand things better. At first, lectures are given on surgical protocols and workshops on models are provided. This enables the students to understand the requirements, process to followed, actual placing of implants at the designated area before moving on to live surgeries. To read more Click Here