Blur the Lines Between Work and Play

What comes to mind when you hear the word “work”?

For a lot of people, they may think about the grind, the sweat, the tears, the struggle or the sacrifice.

What if when we thought of work, we had new associations?

Thinking about work can actually make you think of more positive associations like purpose, progress, playfulness, fun and achievement.

our guest on the show today was Lisa Dadd, author, TEDx speaker and entrepreneur. Lisa tells the story of how she left a comfortable and profitable corporate job to pursue her passions in life. As a result, she was able to create a life that she is proud to call her own and is dedicated to serving others to live their dreams as well.

So what does it mean to blur the lines between work and play?

For Lisa, she found that she can manage her life in such a way that she enjoys her work by allowing herself to be more playful, spontaneous and purposeful. She shared with us the idea of multi-purpose tasks. For example, Lisa likes to take walks with her dog for multiple reasons. She gets exercise, fresh air, time outdoors, new ideas, the dog gets exercise too and they play together.

So is that considered work or play?

Perhaps it’s both? She has the opportunity here to improve her life in multiple ways, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially. Another example can be by thinking outside of the box and turning your work into some sort of game. By “gamifying” your life, it conditions you to think differently about your work and by having more fun, you’ll be more motivated to pursue your work.

The people who succeed at the highest levels are the people who love the work they do. They have trouble distinguishing the difference between work and play because they are so passionate about their craft.

So that leaves the question, how can you make your work more fun? Or maybe your fun more work?

By Bren Dubé @brendube

Based on Episode 34 of The Implicit Show