Finding Courage During the Tough Times

January, a tough year for so many of us. Some are excited, enthusiastic and on top of their game, setting goals, resolutions and new habits. Others struggle to discover what it is they really want to do with their lives for the next 12 months.

Listen, if you are going through tough times right now, you clicked on the right article. You’re gonna learn how to find courage in the tough times and to break through any of the limitations that are keeping you from the life you deserve.

Did you know that 60%-70% of people who set a new years resolution have already given it up by January 21st?

So if you are struggling, know that you are not alone.

“Anything hard may not be worth it, but anything worth it will be hard.” — Les Brown

It’s not always easy to tell ourselves the truth and to face our fears, but if it were meant to be easy you’d have done it before. It is going to be hard, so do it hard! Realize that everything in life takes courage, so to develop it now would be extremely beneficial to you achieving mastery in any area of your life.

“Make friends with fear.” — Anthony Cheam

Here are three steps you can take to face your fears and find courage.

  1. Take small steps. Diving all in and laying it all on the line can be daunting and difficult, so start small instead of expecting yourself to be able to create drastic changes in your life overnight. Commit to the process no matter what the outcome is, and make it easy. Sometimes easing into it can be the best way to overcome the fear and find courage.
  2. Reward yourself. How are you suppose to create a habit or achieve a goal if you just keep beating yourself up over whether or not you are achieving it? The reality is negative reinforcement will never work like positive reinforcement does. Make sure that you give yourself a small reward for following through, so as to condition yourself.
  3. Be Accountable. Sometimes having a friend, coach or mentor to hold you accountable along the way is exactly what you need to breakthrough and find courage in the tough times.

Remember, we all struggle from time to time, just pick yourself back up and make it happen!

By: Bren Dubé @brendube

Base on Episode 12 of The Implicit Show