Take Back Control of Your Mindset

What’s going on up there?

Understanding how we think, feel and behave can be the exact self-awareness we need to change it all.

But that’s not how most people think, is it?

Most people are simply caught up. Caught up in life, in thought patterns, in emotional patterns or bad habits. They would much rather distract themselves than deal with what’s going on up there and that’s why we have an epidemic of depression, anxiety, and suicide in out culture.

The school system never taught us how to take control of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. All I remember in school was math, science, geography, history and a bunch of other subjects that, in my opinion, have no business being taught to kids before they learn to take control of themselves.

So many of us are out of control, and again, we’ve gotten caught up in the inevitable struggles of life and nobody taught us how to break out of that. Luckily, we are making progress in this area as the information is out there, thanks to the internet and a lot of caring people who hate to see others suffer.

So how do we take back control?

Conditioning: I don’t care who you are, you cannot expect to go to the gym once and then be fit forever. That kind of change and growth takes work on a consistent basis. Develop a system that works for you in an effective and efficient way. Find a balance that meets your needs. Make one small mindset shift at a time, change doesn’t always happen overnight.

Consistency: This is where a lot of people fall off. They start off by conditioning themselves and working really hard, but as soon as the process gets difficult of boring they quit. True mastery of the mind comes from consistent effort regardless of how hard things get or how uncomfortable you may feel. Again, develop a system you can use consistently.

Use these tools to take back control of your mindset and make your life your masterpiece!

By: Bren Dubé @brendube

Based on Episode 33 of The Implicit Show