The Entrepreneurial Life

The life of an entrepreneur is becoming more and more realistic, but it is still outside of the norm. Most of us ask ourselves the same questions and live by the same values that we grew up with. What’s fundamentally different about the entrepreneurial mindset is they would work 100 hours a week for themselves so that they don’t have to work 40 hours a week for someone else. There is nothing wrong with being an employee, its a deal for most people and there can be a lot of benefits. A lot of people just talk a good game, but never walk the walk. Have the self awareness to know what’s right for you!

Love what you do every single day and it doesn’t feel like work. It’s something you can do every day for the rest of your life; something you would be doing even if you were not being paid. Find what you are naturally talented at and work on expanding those skills. Remember there’s always another level above where you are and where you will be, so focus on the target you have now and focus on the next level when you get there.

The possibilities today are endless. It has never been easier to become an entrepreneur. We have this amazing thing called the internet, where you don’t need an office to build a business; just a phone and a wifi connection. You can live off Uber and Airbnb like our guest on the podcast, Frank Salas. You can leverage social media to solve people’s problems and create a business that adds true lasting value.

Take risks and don’t give up. You need to be willing to make sacrifices: your comfort, your time, and sometimes sleep or food. You need to have persistence and perseverance. Ignore the naysayers, they are not going to see the vision you see. Even if they are coming from a place of love, no matter what anyone says, you need to follow your heart.

By: Bren Dube

Based on Leading Life: Episode 35