Can a book change your life?

Is it possible to play a life changing role for you by a book?

Books are not only for leisure, but the bundle of thoughts.And you know our thoughts make our life and destiny also.When we consume a particular types of thoughts ,we become the same .

But some times only one book ,a single book can change your life.There are lots of examples in the world.These books can be related to any ideology ,or it can be a biography or autobiography and can be fiction one also.

Actually what we need to change our life ? A click ,or a spark you can say ,and your life is changed . That’s how it works.

By reading DAS CAPITAL many became communist .
So many people came to India by reading autobiography of Yogi.
You may start thinking to be a politician by reading dreams from my father by Obama.
But its not necessary that spark will take place by reading every book. It depends upon your thinking and what you are reading.

For me it was The alchemist which changed my life . My way of thinking ,the attitude toward the life and meaning of life also.

So what I would like to say ,grab a copy of your interest n dive in deeply.

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