Is Left ;Right For India?

Communism is the only ideology of modern history which ruled the whole world.But also faced the sudden decline.Now let’s see how much importance it has in contemporary politics of India.

In the present scenario of Indian politics while the whole country is arrested by Hindu Nationalism and right wing politics and Congress is not able to make an impact even being the oldest party of India It is obvious to think about Leftist (communist parties) to improve and make opposition stronger.

The Communist party was the second largest party in first general elections having 16 MPs while BJP predecessor Jan Sangh had only 03.But now in sixteenth general election communist reduced to 09 and BJP (successor of Jan Sangh) got the majority and has PM on their side stopping congress party on 44 MPs.

We are not going to discuss the reason behind this but a big question arises here.

In the time of Mob lynching and hardcore Hindutva when the inner structure of the country having pluralism, and tolerance is being attacked by right-wing politics the country has started thinking about left parties.

There are several reasons why the country needs Left wing in its democratic flight.

First Leftist are the natural opponents of the rightist.An extremist can be controlled by another they will help to maintain the balance.

Second they believe in the pluralism and, freedom of expressions.It will make our democracy stronger.

Third Leftist are well connected with peasants and labors.So they can raise their issues more conveniently.

The Communists leaders are less greedy and corrupt,that they do not endorse luxurious life style,is one very important reason why,despite their irrational and often antediluvian beliefs they have enjoyed power for such long stretches in the state of west bengal Kerala and tripura,says Historian Ramchandra Guha in his book Patriots and Partisans.

But that’s not all.To rule over India and to establish themselves fully in Indian politics they still need some modifications.

  • First of all, they need to be more Indian.In most of the Indians mind, they are foreigners.They got their funds and guidelines from Moscow.So they need to work on their image makeover.
  • They must plan their policies according to India not as per Russian or Chinese manner.
  • They must stop thinking about violence and revolution.India needs reform rather than revolution.
  • They must have their own Icons and must replace their foreign Icons with Indians.Still, they have only Che and Lenin on their walls.

Lastly, I would like to summarize it with the words of Guha,"A modern democratic and even properly Indian Marxism needs a strong dose of robust revisionism.”

Actually, India needs an Indian Communism which respects all religions and has faith in the Indian constitution.

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RoyalMonk Praamod yogiraj is a proud Indian roaming all around the country and interacting with youths and discussing sprituality, yoga and all other topics especially about contemporary politics.

Originally published at on November 24, 2017.