I Too Have Two Dreams For Youth India.

The former Indian President and youth icon, Abdul Kalam, believed that we must dream. He often used to say that try to reach the stars, in case you fail at least will reach the moon. After all, a dream is the first step towards the goal.

There is a very famous statement of Kalam ji “dreams are not what you see in sleep but they are the things that do not let you sleep.”

About half a decade ago, in the US, a black human rights leader Martin Luther King gave a famous speech “I Have a Dream”. That dream was to give equal rights to black American in the country. To eliminate discrimination in the society. In 2008, a black named Barrack Obama fulfilled his dream by getting the highest post of president.

Today more than a third of India is young. And this is the future of the country too. But does anyone have a dream for these youth on the national screen of the country? Or is there any leader to guide. Perhaps after Kalam ji there is a vast emptiness . It is necessary for young people to see new dreams and fulfill them.

Being a young Indian, I also have some dreams for my country, for my brothers. Among them, I would like to share my two dreams with you. Because these dreams are not just mine but these are related to every youth of India and surely with you also. Both belong to the future of Indian youth and the country. And when these will get fulfilled, that future will take a golden color.

My first dream is to see every youth graduate. Although there have always been talks of education and literacy in our country, now only this will not work much like that. Only literacy cannot reach where we should be. It is very important for every young man to be a graduate at least.

In today’s time, this becomes more important when some stray youth are joining the fundamentalist organizations and some are taking inspiration from political fundamentalism. By being educated till graduation, his discretion will definitely be cherished. Higher education is the demand of time and also of the nation. Certainly, we need more scientists, engineers, and researchers.

My second dream is only to see the Indian football team playing in the FIFA World Cup. Yes, you read right. It is not because I am a big fan of football, but there is a deeper cause behind it.Football requires a very high level of physical strength and stamina. If awareness and encouragement for this in the nation, definitely young Indians The body will be stronger and they will become more healthy.

Swami Vivekanandji also said that I want to see Indian youth playing on the football ground instead of reading Gita. Because when he becomes physically strong and healthy then only he will be able to understand the Gita in the better way.

To make India a dream of Kalam, and Vivekananda and to make a young India, we have to make our youth stronger and self-sufficient as well as to be judicious and inquisitive.
To build a developed self-reliant and fearless nation, essential elements such as health, discretion, and youth consciousness will surely be found in fulfillment of these dreams. I am absolutely convinced that our India will soon make these dreams come true.

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