Will BJP sweep again in 2019
Still two years more for next Loksabha elections.But all political parties have already started to focus on 2019 .So its not easy to predict about sweap.

In last election the whole country was suffering from Modimania ,hoping for ACHCHE DIN. It was the election having most youth voters till now. Modi charisma worked and BJP got the highest tally of seats in the history and reverse happened with Congress which got only 44 seats ,the lowest number in history.

Actually It wasn’t only Modi but ruling party corruption and its leaders also played a major role to make BJP win.

Now BJP is claiming to be the largest political party in the world and having government in most of the Indian states.A lot of Congress leaders have changed the ground .

BUT .. before going to the next election, people will must think once about Achche din. Kya Achche din aa gye ( Have Achche Din come).

In present scenario there are so many communal clashes all over the country .There is a feel of terror among muslims and Dalit.Religious fundamentals are disturbing the law and order .

All,these thing may create a hurdle for BJP.But no political party or political leader is going to be hurdle for Modi.

Opposition is not so strong to contest strongly against BJP.Not a single leader is there who can unite the opposition. So it will not be tough task for BJP to win again but is not a bed of roses also.

Hoping best for the country and democracy.

Originally published at www.quora.com.

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