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The Gardener

Chotu lived in the outskirts of the village with his grandfather. The village was special in many ways. There, every morning men went to the farms, and children to the school. Birds chattered. Winds roared. Everything was fine. Everyone was happy except Chotu.

“You don’t give me chocolates. You haven’t changed my school bag in years. For what you are saving money?” roared Chotu.

“These aren’t necessary as long as you are concerned because you are a very good boy. Aren’t you, my boy?” mewed his grandfather.

“Yes I am good. But you are the worst person I have ever met and I hate you.”, he said and stormed out of the room to the school. He was getting late as usual.

Grandfather smiled. He knew Chotu was not as bad as he presents himself to him. He knew deep down he has a very kind heart. And he won’t be sad for long.

His life was like this. Everyday he fought with his grandfather at least once. His wishes were generally not fulfilled and this made him angry. He used to get even more angry when he saw his friends in new clothes. Grandfather wasn’t poor. Chotu didn’t look rich either. And this was the biggest problem for him. But Gandpa wasn’t ready to spend on chocolates and clothes.

When he reached school, he heard his friends talking about the story of the unknown. The teacher had yet not come. He placed his ears into the conversation.

“You know Shyamu, someone placed five hundred rupees with a message inside Ramu Bhaia’s house while he was sleeping.” said his best friend Golu.

“Yes. This happened not only with Ramu Bhaia but with many needy. I wonder who does all this, perhaps the goddess Lakshmi!” replied the thoughtful Chotu.

“My father is too very ill. I wish God helps him too. I am feeling unwell for him.” said Golu.

“How great it is to get a surprise!”, Chotu thought.

When he returned home, Grandfather was watering the plants in their garden.

On seeing him back, Grandfather asked, “ How was the day, dear?”

“Nothing special.” he said and went inside the house.

Grandfather loved gardening. He could be found in the garden almost all the time. And Chotu found it the one of the most boring works ever. He felt that gardeners are poorly bred and are pitiable. He had a strong feeling that this was the gardening alone that made his Grandfather rude and selfish.

When they were eating dinner, Grandfather finally broke the silence.

“I know you are angry with me, but you should understand our condition.” he said.

“You know Grandfather that some one out there in village, unknowingly helps the needy.” he said trying to change the topic.

“Yes, I have heard about it. My friend was saying.” he said.

“How great he would be, no?” he asked.

“True helpers don’t have name.” he spoke.

“Yes. You are sometimes right. I wish he helps my friend Golu too who’s father is unwell these days.” He stood up, took their plates and went to the bathroom to clean them.

That night Chotu was awake late, completing his maths assignment. In the death of night, a sound hit his ears. It felt like someone has fallen down. “Perhaps the thief!”, he thought. He took his flashlight and ran to the garden.

When he reached there, he saw his Grandfather falling on the floor with a piece of paper in his hand.

“What are you doing here this late?” Chotu asked.

“I was just……” he tried to speak.

He gave him a hand and helped him rise up on his feet.

Chotu snatched the paper from his Grandfather’s hand. It read, “Get well soon, Mahesh”. Mahesh was Golu’s father. And there was also a two hundred rupees wrapped in the paper.

“You are the best person I have ever met and I love you.”, he said and stormed out of the gate towards the village.

Chotu got the big surprise. And he felt great indeed.

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