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This time I will review a platform that is arguably very extraordinary, from the blockchain side, let’s read at a glance about my review.

Digital marketing is an effort to promote a brand by using digital media that can reach consumers in a timely, personal and relevant manner.
This type of digital marketing includes many techniques and practices contained in the internet marketing category. With the reliance on internet-free marketing, the field of digital marketing combines other key elements such as cellphones, SMS (text messages sent via cellphones), displaying banner advertisements, and external digital.

Reflecting on the history of commercial discoveries, such as telephone, radio and television, the rapid growth of e-commerce in the early years of its emergence produced a huge bubble in many stock markets, for shares of e-commerce companies. Like all other bubbles, the outbreak of the “dot-com” bubble peaked in March 2001. A number of large e-commerce companies failed during this process. However, for some others, such as Amazon, eBay, Exspedia and Google, the results are getting better: rising income, a stable business model and rising stock prices.

Digital marketing solutions include the use of various shipping channels which include pull and push techniques. This is used to expand corporate service support and consumer involvement. Companies need to be adaptive and responsive in winning consumers. Defense in this new paradigm, companies must make a strong commitment to digital marketing through new investments in technology and innovation. End the ideal marketing solution in the form of achieving, retention and income.

What if a digital market combined with the blockchain system?

Introducing a platform called Gemstra which is integrated in the blockchain system. Gemstra integrates blockchain (ASTRA Platform) and token economy
(GMS Token) to free social sales as an industry. ASTRA is a smart contract platform. By utilizing blockchain technology to return data to the seller and allow traders and brands from the global $ 24 trillion retail economy to join in social sales.

Gemstra will make its open source software and develop SDK for traders to integrate with ASTRA. The GMS token will reduce friction as an ASTRA value exchange, but more importantly is the power verification and original gift model from social sales, WOW is amazing.

The opportunity of the Gemstra Platform is to focus on the social sales industry worth more than $ 180 billion worldwide (US $ 35 billion). More than 120 million people in the world (20 million US) are involved in social sales. This number continues to grow 7–10% per year and is accelerated by global adoption of social media and expanding the show economy. Social sales presents the largest show economy in the future and is likely to surpass $ 1 trillion worldwide in the next 10 years.

Gemstra Token = GMS Token
By endorsing ASTRA with the GMS Token, the platform reduces friction in social sales transactions. GMS is an ERC20 token that functions as the most cost-effective method of exchanging and storing values. GMS can be used to buy products in any Merchant. What’s more, GMS empowers gamification systems that can be adjusted by brands and traders for sellers. Gamification is the second most important form of incentive for social sales.
Gamification can be based on achievement or involvement. Communities and recognition are the main drivers of retention in social sales. Sellers form teams in the wider community that provide support, encouragement and accountability. Recognition within the community encourages sellers to grow or maintain their achievements to a minimum.

Let’s join the Gemstra platform, benefiting both sellers and buyers.

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