Apple Mail to EML Converter — Convert EMLX to EML

Apple Mail to EML Converter — the Quickest and the Easiest Tool Ever Without any Cutbacks on Functionality

The best Apple Mail to EML Converter / Convert EMLX to EML that make your migration task quick and easy, without any compromise to the quality and the power of the tool.

If you’d ask me a week ago, one task that I would never willingly accept, which one would it be? It would be to convert Apple Mail to EML files. In layman terms, I would never want to take the task where I have transfer the emails from one email client to other, especially when it comes to moving from Apple Mail to Windows client, like Windows Live Mail.

Today, I wouldn’t reply the same. This is because of an amazing tool that I just got my hands on, called “Mail Extractor Max.” It probably helps that the company behind this tool is ‘USL Software,’ the world-known top company for email migration applications. I’ve been using their other tools since a long time.

Mail Extractor Max — Can convert Apple Mail / EMLX to Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook:mac 2011, Thunderbird, Postbox, Standard MBOX and EML file format.

Here are some of the top features of “Mail Extractor Max” that instantly changed my stance on Apple Mail to EML conversion.

It doesn’t need EMLX or MBOX file. Mostly, the tools for email migration need the data files that they can convert to whatever output file you need (EML in this case). But ‘Mail Extractor Max’ can do this without such data files.

How can it do that? It needs some form of input; otherwise how can it know what emails to convert? It’s not magic. I thought the same thing, when I heard that the tool is not dependent on this files as input.

I am excited to tell you about this phenomenal modern approach to email migration that USL Software has introduced. The tool can auto-detect your ‘Mail’ folder. It’s a folder that is also called identity folder for Apple Mail, and is located in your users’ library drive.

This seemingly little change in how you input data makes the most significant impact on the whole migration experience: -

  • You don’t need to manually export data into MBOX format
  • You don’t need to manually hunt for EMLX files
  • This is far more precise than EMLX or MBOX conversion, since it deals directly with the data source
  • It is far quicker, since it eliminates some of the lengthy and tedious manual steps
  • It is flexible and allows for more control over the migration that regular Apple Mail to EML converters cannot.

Needless to say, I highly recommend it.

If your objective is to move emails, contacts, calendar data, or any other item from Apple Mail to EML files, try out ‘Mail Extractor Max’ today.

If you have any doubts or queries, you can contact the support team and have it resolved within minutes.

There are several licensing packages that you can choose from (Household, commercial, or enterprise) depending on how many machines you need to install the tool into.

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The first step for you would to be download the free trial setup here and give its features a close inspection. You’d be glad you did.