Big news for Impossible People!

We have some exciting news... We have developed a new app for you: Impossible People! Same idea — you give, you ask, you meet awesome people — but with a clean and simple new interface. We have shifted the feed to bring you more localised and relevant content. We have enhanced the functionality to make sharing between friends, friends of friends and neighbours even better. To get the most out of it we suggest you invite your friends and neighbours! Download on the iOS app store now.

You will be able to log into Impossible People using your existing Impossible credentials, but this is a separate platform to Impossible so posts you make will not travel between the two platforms. You will automatically follow the same users you are currently once they migrate over so you can keep those long distance relationships alive! We have decided to keep all conversations public through posts so there will be no private messaging feature. The app is available on iOS for iPhones and will be coming very soon to Android.

Download on the app store here.

After running Impossible for two years, we think we have some good insights on what has worked well, and not so well. We have worked on this platform with an awesome tech team at Pivotal Labs, and lots of Impossible users volunteering their input. We sincerely hope it takes the Impossible vision of connecting communities to the next level for you. If you have any questions or feedback please contact us:

You can still access the old platform here: After releasing Impossible People on Android, we will keep the Impossible web service running for several months to give you enough time to migrate to the app. Impossible People offers does exactly the same as the network used to do, but in a more convenient, efficient way.

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