How we deal with a 17-hour time difference across studios

It’s been a week since Kim Hansen, Kwamecorp’s CTO, moved to Australia to start a new chapter of his life as well as open an Australian Branch of Kwamecorp.

We’ve always considered our collective to be quite cosmopolitan, with home bases in Portugal, UK, and the US, and teams regularly going on nomadic trips anywhere from Barbados to Indonesia. No matter where we are on the planet, we would always find time to sync. However, Kim’s new whereabouts in Gold Coast, Queensland posed quite a challenge spanning our time amplitude to 17 hours.

For now, the heads of 4 offices managed to find a common hour for a regular weekly meeting (shamelessly early for those in San Francisco, and tediously late for Kim in Gold Coast), but developers in Lisbon still find it hard to say whether Kim is online or not at any given time.

To ease this pain, Target and João Toscano came up with an easy solution: IsKim.Online.

“Simply jump in and find out if you can bother Kim or not,” goes the tagline.

Now, whenever you are not sure if Kim is accessible, just hit and find the answer there.

“It was a 1$ domain put to good use”, says Target.

For new business in Australia, please contact Kim here.

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