Dev Blog: New Game Mode and Artifacts!

Ether Kingdoms
Jan 11 · 3 min read

Hello everyone,

We hope you had a great time completing the New Year’s quests and fighting the Boss! We didn’t waste our time, either, working on a huge update introducing the new game mode titled Far Realm. You could’ve heard about it under the working title “Exploring Area”.

The first and most important thing about this mode is that it will become the main platform for all future PvP and PvE content. It is here that we plan to develop and implement the final skill-based gameplay.

Players will control squads that are formed from a limited number of Imps. The key to success in this mode is to manage your available resources reasonably. One more feature that differentiates it from the traditional PvP mode is that each player can send different number of Imps to fight. This, in turn, will directly influence battle stats.

Moreover, we will implement a full-fledged strategic map, with your squad’s location on it playing a significant part in further game development. In the first version, which is planned to be launched in January, players can use only one squad of Imps to capture and protect a number of objects on the map. These objects provide different bonuses — there’s no doubt that objects with mining bonuses will be most popular among players.

This is how exploring area of the Far Realm will look!

We also plan to add bosses to this mode. The basic principle will not be changed, but you will only be able to send the Imps you took to the Far Realm to fight the bosses in this mode. Players won’t get bored, that’s for sure! Each update will introduce new features and showcase the game’s further development.

Far Realm is not the only thing we wanted to talk about in this post. Since we are planning to change the leaderboard reward policy, we decided to explain some of the important points from the recently updated roadmap.

In the near future, there will be two updates closely connected to each other: additional in-game currency (Soft Currency) and the possibility to craft/disenchant items. After the release of these features, players will be able to completely destroy items (basically the item`s token will be irreversibly burned on the blockchain) to get SC. The amount of received SC directly depends on the rarity and characteristics of the item.

Players can get great items, comparable to Rare and Epic, during crafting. Such items will be of great use in fights, but all of them will have special rarity — Generic. Disenchanted items of this rarity will bring less SC than usual Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary items.

The example of one of the future artifacts.

Over the last few weeks we’ve introduced a great number of artifacts, most of which were exclusive. Their further release will be limited, and the majority of the rewards in the next leaderboards will be Generic.

The graphic design of these items can be reused after item crafting is introduced. Moreover, the reward for the next leaderboard will not be exclusive, if not stated otherwise. As requested by our players, we will soon launch a Wiki page dedicated to items and their maximum emission.

Stay tuned!