Ether Kingdoms: New Item Rarity Explained

Hi guys! You must have read our Dev Blog post where we mentioned that we develop and plan to implement the new item rarity under the working title “Generic”. Naturally it raised a question: why change the usual rarity system at all?

Here is the reason why. One of our most important tasks is to make it easier for new players to get on board and at the same time not to affect old players that already have powerful artifacts.

New items will help to solve this problem: first of all, their price will be significantly lower: it will allow new players to get into the game faster and take part in the Leaderboards, Far Realms and boss fights.

Rarity range will look like this: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary. Items that were Common before got “promoted” to Uncommon, while the new rarity got their old name. New Common items will not be included in sets and will provide much less resources after disenchantment.

One of the future artifacts of Common rarity

How will it affect already existing artifacts? Due to high supply of the new Common items and limited release of the older items that we mentioned in the dev blog (here it goes, by the way:, we are sure that the price of our old artifacts will naturally rise.

Stay tuned and follow the news!