Ether Kingdoms: Update 6.2 is here!

Hi guys!

As you know, recently we introduced the new game mode — Far Realm, which is in Beta at the moment. With today`s patch we fix a lot of bugs in the Far Realm. There is also a balance patch coming up next week, we are finalizing it on our test server right now.

Beside fixes of the balance itself, there will be certain changes in the global tokenomy. Our common goal is to raise the token demand and increase the token exchange rate by slowing down its emission, which will be beneficial for the whole ecosystem of Ether Kingdoms.

For this purpose we decided to reduce the amount of IMPs players get from Leaderboads and in the Far Realm. From now on players can only get 60 000 IMPs in total via these mechanics per month.

Tokenomy changes will be implemented and described in detail in the next balance patch.

In this patch (Ver. 6.2) we made the following fixes:

1. The bug with interruption in mining from captured forts is fixed.

2. The bug with the identical player names in the Far Realms is fixed.

3. Battle logs are added to the Far Realm.

4. Multifight system improved — now the duration of search and the number of fights depends on the bet.

5. Minor graphical bugs fixed, such as the bug with the left menu in the main screen at high screen definition.

Stay tuned — we are preparing lots of interesting stuff!