Ether Kingdoms: Update 7.0 is here!

Hi guys!

Meet Ether Kingdoms ver. 7.0! In this update we introduce new awesome content and continue to improve Far Realm balance.

Item sets
In the update we continued to develop item system and introduced new term: item set. A set includes several items and its principle is similar to item sets in Diablo: apart from the usual item bonus, there is additional bonus depending on the number of items from one set that are currently equipped. Besides, some sets change the appearance of your imp — great way to gear up your fighter! First set already available for farming and purchase!

Far Realm Random Encounters
By the way, farming: be careful in the Far Realm! While exploring the Realm you risk to face dangerous enemies. You will have to choose: either you fight or escape battle and wast all your stamina. But don`t be afraid of the fight: you can get valuable reward if you win, including set items!


Balance changes to Far Realm buildings capture:
1) If the garrison wins, it loses not 1 IMP but 2% of the size of the attacking squad.
2) Attacking other player`s building costs stamina (10).

Stay tuned and follow the news!