Far Realm Guide: Marine Training Course

People keep on asking us about Far Realm secrets. There are players that already discovered some of them, however we decided to help the rest of our players to get some tricky moments right, so here goes the gulde!

Far Realm movement tiles have their own peculiarities that depend on terrain type. The stamina cost of moving across common tiles is the lowest, but monsters’ attacks are much more frequent on such tiles.

Monsters attack less frequently on hard terrain tiles, such as hills and forests:

Some terrain types have a small change to encounter special monsters. These monsters are stronger than common ones, but the reward is much greater — it can contain rare artifacts and even items from the Marine set. Elite monsters can be encountered on the following terrain types:

By fighting these exact monsters you can get the full Marine set!

We are happy that players continue to explore the Far Realm and fight for the most profitable game content — buildings. We hope that this guide will teach players to spend their imps with greater efficiency. Besides, elite monsters will have a hard time trying to defend their treasures — after all, their habitat is not a secret anymore. ;)

Enjoy the game and good luck!