Fool’s day?.. Or is it?!

Hi guys!

We have superb news and can’t wait to share it with you! Ether Kingdoms was listed on BitFinex — the biggest spot exchange! This is a small step for Ether Kingdoms, but a giant leap for crypto-gaming! Now our token has immense liquidity — IMP trade volume exceeds smart-contract trade volume of any DAPP in Gaming category according to DAPPradar and CMC!

New exchange listing is not the only thing the team was busy with. In 2019 the whole game was reworked. Far Realm was added — apart from PvP, in the recent update we significantly extended PvE-content by adding random encounters with monsters! Beating monsters is not only fun, but also profitable: you can get rare artifacts if you win, including even artifacts from item sets!

Speaking about item sets: they not only provide significant characteristics bonuses, but change your imp appearance! You can get a new set by completing new quest line, looting Far Realm monsters or just purchase in the in-game shop. There is also an option to buy imps directly via your bank card — very convenient!

Now Ether Kingdoms is the only crypto-gaming project listed on BitFinex and we are extremely proud of it! Now you can trade our token on four exchanges: BitFinex, LiveCoin, Mercatox and

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