Official stickers contest start!

Ether Kingdoms
Jun 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Hi everyone!
We have some news for you this week!

First of all, we now have a Medium blog. All the project news will be available here and via our official Twitter @imptoken.

Second, we are finally announcing the sticker contest!
The rules are simple: the total prize fund is 15 000 IMP. You get 1 point for each sticker that is accepted into the official set.
Stickers to be included into the official set are chosen by the project team. The prize fund is divided by the final number of points. For example, if 30 stickers were accepted, the prize for each sticker is 15 000/30 = 500 IMPs.
The stickers that are turned in must be of good quality and follow the official Telegram stickers guidelines. However, if we like your idea but your knobs can’t draw all that well, we will finish the design and give you some points for the idea.
You can submit the stickers as images or sticker sets to our official Telegram channel @imptoken. Please tag our admins (@mopsik_mopsik or @Taksochka) when you submit your stickers.
You can get an .ai format IMP here.
Works accepted until the 1st of July.

Last but not least, we’re ready to share some plans for the following update, which is to be released at the end of the month. We will:
1. Release the ERC721 tokens, which will be used as battle modifiers.
2. Add new quests and loot boxes to get them.
3. Diversify the imp battles with new animation.
4. Do everything possible to be officially listed at least on one exchange by the end of the month.

Stay tuned!

Ether Kingdoms

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