Update 6.3: Balance and Improvements

Update 6.3 is already here! In this update we continue working on improving and balancing the Far Realm. This patch includes following changes:

- Tile highlighting added. 
- Building owner marker added. 
- Information bar with active Far Realm builsing bonuses added. 
- Missing text in some panels fixed. 
- Portal panel reworked, now it displays the amount of IMPs in Far Realm pool. 
- Minor fixes to visual interface added.

Amount of IMPs generated by Forts was changed. 
- Fort: 0.1 once per 30 seconds -> 0.05 once per 60 seconds
- Desert fort: 0.4 once per 30 seconds -> 0.2 once per 60 seconds
- Ancient fort: 0.8 once per 30 seconds ->0.4 once per 60 seconds

We also launched an exclusive offer — now you can buy one of the coolest epic artifacts for only 1.77 ETH with 66% discount!

New epic artifacts!

Hurry up, there are not that many of these artifacts left! 
The offer will be available after level 25.