10 Ways Boracay Will Change Your Life

For those unfamiliar with Boracay, picture this: powder white sands and clear blue waters. I think the picture above says it all. An island off the Philippines and just an hour’s flight away from Manila, Boracay is not only an amazing beach vacation, it’s a game-changer. And here are 10 reasons why it’ll change your life.

1. The most ridiculous beaches ever

Gorgeous. Like drop-dead gorgeous beaches. Jealousy-inducing, mind-melting, awe-inspiring grandeur. You’ll never look at beauty the same way again. The most famous beaches are White Beach and Puka Beach.

White Beach. Image courtesy of Carabaopower.

2. Riding on scooters

You’ll have a new appreciation for your new-found road aggression.

3. Sailing

Bring out your inner Captain Ahab (without the harpoon) and visit the many beaches of Boracay.

Go beach hopping with a sail boat. Image courtesy of Boracay Activities.

4. Scuba diving

With dozens of dive centers to choose from, diving in Boracay is a must. Not only is the water warm and the coral and fish beautiful, it’s generally pretty cheap. For $30 -40/dive you get an instructor and all the equipment needed.

5. Some of the best kitesurfing ever

This is a good chance to do something a little scary and outside your comfort zone if you’ve never kitesurfed before. Head over to Bulabog beach, which is known as the best kitesurfing destination in Asia for lessons and rentals.

Kitesurfing in Boracay. Image courtesy of Anastasia.

6. A massage on the beach

You’re already lounging on the sand? Why not up your game with a massage? You’ll find plenty of women walking the beaches offering cheap and strong massages.

7. Happy hour on the beach

Cocktails and sunsets. Is there a more perfect coupling? Wind down the day with a cool drink in one hand and a thousand shades of red, blue, and orange on the horizon. You’ll develop a new appreciation for sunsets and color guaranteed.

8. Discovery Shores Boracay

One of the top resorts in all of Boracay. This gorgeous beachfront resort is a TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice 2014 Winner for Family, Top Hotels, and Luxury. One night here and you’ll forget where you came from.

Discovery Shores Boracay. Find out more here »

9. Parasailing

Get a bird’s eye view of the island by going parasailing! Puts a whole new spin on the phrase “getting high”.

10. Become a mermaid

Learn how to swim with a monofin like a mermaid at the The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy. Not only do you get to live your dreams as Ariel but you also get a great workout.

Learn to swim like a mermaid! Image courtesy of The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy.

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Image up top courtesy of Angelo Juan Ramos.

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