How Window Film Saved My Home

It’s just been six months since my family and I moved into our new home in New Jersey. While I am absolutely in love with how my house looks and feels now, I wasn’t as happy when we first moved in.

My sun-facing house, which felt heavenly warm from December to April, used to become unbearably hot in the afternoons during springtime. I dreaded what it would feel like in summer. And as it turns out, the sun had actually been particularly cruel that year according to an article by NewsWorks.

My furniture fabric, wooden tiles and even artwork in the living area had started to fade, thanks to the bright sunlight coming in through the large windows of my living room. As much as I liked them for making the room look bigger than it is and better ventilated, I was hating how it had started feeling like one big oven.

Our initial efforts to seek relief by installing manual roller blinds went in vain. We even bought a new air conditioner. Although it brought a great deal of relief, the electricity bill became the new stressor!

While heat was a major issue, we were equally worried about the sad state of the furniture and flooring on which we had spent hundreds of dollars.

My Living Room Looked Sad

The upholstery fabric on my recliner and sofas had faded in places that were exposed to sunlight. Trust me, there can be nothing worse than a discolored sofa.

And who could have imagined that heat and light could do so much to wood. Normal fading is one thing, but you know you’ve touched a whole new level of bad when you lift that carpet and see a clear demarcation from good as new to looking like the flooring was on its last legs. One look down and then up around, I found all my sun-exposed art pieces dying a slow death.

Things stayed the same till my friend recommended 3M film installation services from Sun Control Tinting, a company pioneer in the installation of 3M residential window films in the New Jersey area. To me, window film meant tinting or darkening them, which was not what I wanted, despite my desperation for some sort of sun shielding for my windows.

However, after reading information published by the International Window Film Association and being explained how solar window films used by Sun Control Tinting are clear and low in reflectivity, I thought of giving it a try.

From their 3M film options, I chose the Night Version Series, since it was not only crystal clear, giving the windows a natural appearance, it also claimed to reject solar heat and glare.

Once I saw one of the windows from the outside after film installation, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It seemed so seamless that I could not even spot the edges of the film. Since the day was hot and bright enough to check the heat blocking, I went inside the room and could already feel good, witnessing only the brightness and no heat. I got all my windows filmed, and, since then, there has not been a single day when I don’t sit in my living room during day, admiring nature’s beauty.

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