The Thrill & Challenges of Setting up My New Home

While I was extremely excited to set up a home of my very own, I also found that there were several challenges to overcome in the process. Here is how I made my decisions.

Buying a new home is possibly one of the biggest and most important purchases that I will make in my life. And setting it up to perfectly reflect who I am, while being a comfortable haven for my family was quite a challenge. As excited as I was to do up the place but what confused me completely was that I was bombarded by tips, ideas and suggestions from all my well-wishers.

An article on Life Hack stated that although modern homes are much more organized and appealing in terms of amenities and design, they have become increasingly complex because of growing consumerism and endless options. At least they got the last part totally correct. There are so many options out there for every single thing, from custom designs for each room to a variety of decorative films for windows that come in really handy when you want to block out the harmful UV rays and prevent the home from overheating in the summer. Then there are window options that offer a protective layer that shields the glass from any damage, apart from creating an aesthetic appeal and reducing energy costs, as recommended by experts at Sun Control Tinting.

So, that was just the windows. The rest of the home was still left to set up.

7 Tips I Followed to Make My Home More Appealing

  1. Inspect All Belonging
    Once all my stuff was unloaded from the truck, I started checking if the inventory list was according to the actual number I noted down in my diary. After all, it is wise to check that everything you own has been safely delivered to the right address. It also helps to stack belongings according to the rooms they are meant for.
  2. Cleaning the House Inside Out
    Before actually unpacking and setting up all the furniture and appliances, I cleaned up the house thoroughly. I started with the floors, and then went to the windows, baseboards, drawers, shelves, cabinets, and so on. The idea was to not leave any space untouched. I got my personal cleaning products with a fresh fragrance so that the house smelled really good when the family moved in.
  3. Pest Control
    Since the house I bought had been empty for a few years, I was worried about pest infestations. The place could have been home to colonies of termites or cockroaches, or maybe even worse, rats. So, I hired a pest control company to ensure that we did not have any unwanted company in the house. It would have been much more difficult to get rid of pests after all the stuff had been moved in.
  4. No Excessive Decorations
    An article published on Life Hacker stated that over-decorating your house could spoil the whole aesthetics and make it look cluttered. I took a trip to the home décor store and got some awesome wallpaper, patio sets, laundry baskets, window curtains, flower vases, photo frames, wall hangings, etc. The idea was to keep it simple and minimalistic.
  5. No Unpacking At One Go
    This is really important, keeping in mind the physical and mental exhaustion associated with cleaning up and decorating. I divided my unpacking over two days, simply to get more time to sort everything out in an efficient manner. The first day I organized my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. The second day I sorted out the other living and storage spaces.
  6. Meeting the Neighbors
    Once we were done setting up the house and putting everything in order, we took a trip to the neighbors to exchange hellos. I believe that it is really important to develop cordial relationships with your neighbors. You never know when you might need their help.
  7. Enjoying the House Warming Party
    Obviously, the entire process of setting up a new home is quite tedious and strenuous. When we were done with all the unpacking, and were happy with where everything was placed, we finally decided that we were done. So, we called over some close friends and opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate our efforts.

Finally, with the house organized, the toiletries in place and kitchen ready to churn out meals, it was time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor!