MY first encounter with a client

Few months ago, I transitioned from being a word press developer to be a tech content writer and be a freelancer. The reason why I chose this field is because I always have the passion to write and always love to keep documentaries of my daily activities and learning.

When I am starting out as a content writer, I talked with some of the top guys in the writing niche and they all said and I quoted,

“Build on a niche. Build a portfolio that you can show so you can work with clients.”

But till now, I have not find my niche and i haven’t built my portfolio.

So in this scene, how did I got my first client?

How was I successful in making that client satisfied?

Well, as a freelancer, I am working for myself. I am still in the research period and have not written much articles to build my portfolio. Perhaps my Facebook account can act as my online portfolio but I have not set it up professionally that it can help me land my future clients. With all this, any experienced freelancer would say it is impossible to work with any client.

But I made it happen. HOW?

As a freelancer, you can works on your own and schedule. When I was perplexed about various things like should I use free resources to learn or to go for paid ones? Should I focus on building my Facebook now? but I don’t have any idea on the roadmap to follow. In all this confusion, I studied myself and asked various questions:

Am I excited to learn or worried about what and from where to start from?

Am I satisfied with myself and my learning process?

When other people are raking home huge amount of money, Am I doing things right to earn some pennies?

After ticking all the question asked earlier, I summon courage and decided to be my first client. YES. I am the one. I am my first client.

I made a plan to fix my sleep cycle and my writing cycle. I made a content calendar where I mentioned that I am going to write daily. No matter how boring my idea is, but I will hit that publish button daily in order to train my body and mind that this is how I will work as a content writer soonest. I will write my content offline before bringing it online. Once in a while, I’ll help some clients with content for free just to gain writing experience. All in all, I revamp my writing lifecycle. I showed this calendar to my client (which is my humble self) and He approved.WOW! She smiled and had signs of satisfaction on her face. He said that he loved it and he look forward to see more positive changes in me. Also, he asked for a special boatcruzing treat when I will get my next client. I replied,

“Yes, that day is near”.


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Imran rosheed

Imran rosheed

Tech content writer || Product designer