3 Tips of Career Building

Firstly. Due to small networking, It was so difficult to me find a person who wanted to do job. Finally I found that his name was Zeeshan Khan. Recently he have done BBA from Hailey college of Banking and Finance. He wants to do job. This was so amazing experience for me. Specially he gave me launch from Tabaak due to my advises.

There was some amazing arguments in the discussion. He agreed with the 1st tip and 3rd tip. But he did not agree with the 2nd tip. He believed that PHD is the most preferable post in the corporate sector. I had made examples and shared links of research papers on this topic. Finally with a great discussion he agreed with the 2nd tip.

Nothing is remained. All things is clear. He was so thankful to me and I was so thankful to Amal.

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