A Random Acts of Kindness

I have biggest problem of sleeping. My average sleep in a day is only 5 hours. But when I have done some kindness acts to others, my sleep increase up-to 8 hours.

  1. Last week, I had heard crying of tomcat. I was trying to find him. But he was on the roof of my neighbor. I had knocked the door of my neighbor and tell him the situation. He allowed me to search the tomcat on his house’s roof. Finally, I found him. He was injured due to fight with other tomcats. This is my assumption. He had wounds on his face and leg. Firstly, I drunk him milk with turmeric. Secondly, I went him to veterinary doctor. Doctor gave him an injection of pain killer and gave me some medicine for him. In two days, he recovered the injuries from the wounds. Now, when he see me in the street or on the roof of my house, he come to me and playing with me. Now, he is my friend and I give a name to him which is Tom.
  2. I had helped to a poor person who had no money to purchase food.
  3. Last Friday, I was very hungry. I eaten from Barkat Market. Suddenly a little girl came to me and said to me that she was so hungry. I had no money to purchase another meal for her. I given my meal to a hungry girl. It was second time in my life when I enjoyed the hunger and poverty.
  4. Last Monday, I came from my college to my home. I was in the way. When a senior citizen said to me, “Please call on this number and tell my name to the owner of the number and say to him where is his house? and please drop me at his address” I had done this after a long struggle.
  5. I called my best friend at 4 AM to awake and do the Fajjar Prayer. He was so amazed.

I am feeling very relaxed and happy after doing these acts of kindness. Because ALLAH never forgive me the rights of others. I have done these things many times in my life. ALLAH is kind to those who also be polite and kind to others. My conscience give me a better sleep after doing these acts and my faith in ALLAH is become stronger and stronger.

Kindness is also relevant in our professional life. We also work in groups. Communication is the basic need of teamwork. Kindness is the most important step of communication. We should try to understand the situations of other teammates with the help of kindness. A kind person always solve his problems in positive as compared with unkind person.

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