Extra-mile: A way of success

Company Name and Employer name:

Murree Brewery Limited, Mr Tuqeer Yaqub hiring incharge for Lahore division. He is first cousin of my mother. But he did not know me. I met with him as a stranger not relative.

Post and Position:

I applied for the assistant to finance officer.


I researched for his mail and I found it. I sent two emails to meet Mr. Tuqeer. But he did not reply. I went to his office for the meeting without appointment. He refused to meet with me continuously for the two days which was Friday and Saturday. But third time, on Monday, he agreed to meet with me. When I entered into his office. He looked at me that I was mad. I said Good morning to him and in reply he nodded and said to me, “you have only 3 minutes gentleman. I thanked to him and said my elevator pitch. He looked amazed at me. He said to me, “you have no experience for the job and your BBA is incomplete. Why I pick you for this job?” I said, “Yes. I have no experience but I have passion for this company and I want to become asset of your company.” He said, “Tell me about your passion.” I said all the research I had made on the organization and also said that I had done extra-miles for this Job. He really looked at me that I was a great mental person. Then he laughed and said, “Excellent Mr. Imran Jehangir. I really inspire from your passion and love for the company. I also want to purchase this asset for the company but the reality is you have no experience. But I want you to become part of this organization as a trainee to finance department. This is contractual post of 6 months. If you work hard for the company then you will permanent employee of the company. Your pay will be 28000 and you will work from 2 PM to 7 PM, from Monday to Friday. Do you agreed or not.” Now, I looked at him with amazed. I nodded my head and said I agreed. He gave me his personal contact number.

I am succeeded in my task. The response was so positive for me. I was so realistic in my interview. That is why he selected me. I only want to improve my English. Be realistic, equipped, passionate and engaged.

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