Life Purpose: Identifying Yourself

ALLAH gives potential of thinking to every human. This thinking make decision that we are human or animal. In Quran ALLAH says that see around yourself and make knowledge in every matter. If we will do this, then we find purpose of our life.

My purpose of life is to get goals which is describe by my father. The biggest goal is to serve for humanity. My father wanted that I got admission in Hailey college of Banking and Finance. This was so difficult for me. Because I only wanted to play games, study was not my preference. I got supply in chemistry in matriculation due to semi final of Pak-Indo in 2011. So Its only due to ALLAH, I realized my faults and became serious in my study. I studied 12 hours in intermediate and finally I got admission in Hailey college. I sacrificed my sleep and terminated games and entertainment.

I have learnt that if you are passionate for something or someone, ALLAH helps you and nothing is in your way to conquer the “something or someone”. Now this is my ability to sleep on for 4 to 5 hours. My mostly time is spent on research and always trying to learn and know new things.

To become law enforcement officer, I can sacrifice my sleep, my entertainment, relaxation and time. InshaALLAH I will get my aim. This is my ability when I want to do something, with the help of ALLAH, I have to do anything for it.

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